I haven't been working much on Beads of Love lately but give me a shout if you need funds and I will squeeze out the time and ideas for new items.

NL85 ~ SOLD ~

Super love this necklace!  I'd originally strung it with only one chain then thought hey, there's another petal there, let's see how it looks with two chains and I am so pleased with the outcome :-)  With a glass millefiori heart, this necklace is 17" long.

NL84 ~ SOLD ~

I fell in love instantly with these heart links.  I've complemented them with rose quartz chips in this 16" long choker necklace.  It must have taken me a hundred shots as the rose quartz is such a light powder pink I just could not capture the colour properly.  The bottom pic is as close to the actual colour as I could get it.

NL83 ~ $14 ~ (RESERVED - KK)

I could not resist these hand-painted glass beads.  I just love anything handmade as they unique and you know that someone has put personal effort into making them. This necklace is 17" long.

NL82 ~ $12 ~

Yeah, ok, I'm boring, but leaves do go with flowers.  This necklace is 16" long.

NL81 ~ $12 ~ (RESERVED - KK)

A little bit Goth, a little bit sweet, somewhat spiritual too if you think about it.  I was thinking of the infinite glory of God when I made this necklace.  And I love how the cross seems to be on fire, which is symbolic of the Holy Spirit.

This necklace is about 15" at the shortest point where the infinity charm is and 17" where the cross drops.

BR69 ~ SOLD ~

A very sweet rosary bracelet made of Swarovski pearls and glass seed beads.
Would fit an 8" wrist perfectly.

BR68 ~ SOLD ~

This is a slightly bigger bracelet and would fit a 7.5"-8" wrist nicely.
Glass beads in red and gold with a lovely heart toggle.

BR67 ~ $8 ~

Faux suede bracelet with infinity charm.  Fits a 7" wrist perfectly.

BR66 ~ $8 ~

 Faux suede bracelet with magnetic clasp.  Fits a 7" wrist perfectly.

ER233 ~$14~

My personal favourite of all the items I made last night.  I tried a different technique and I absolutely love how it came out.

A pendant for necklace, bracelet or ring is also available upon request.  Extra charges apply but you get a discount if you buy it as a set :-)

ER232 ~$12~

Purple and gold never fails to look grand!
I only made these into earrings but if you want a pendant for a necklace, bracelet or ring, do let me know.  It'll cost extra of course but, as always, a discount is available if you buy the whole set :-)

ER231 ~$25 for the set~

I love how three dimensional this one looks :-)
The bigger bead may be set as a necklace, bracelet or ring but I think it will look awesome as a ring.

ER230 ~$25 for the set~

Bright lime and lilac are the accents for this vibrant set.
The bigger bead can be set as a necklace, bracelet or ring.

ER98 ~$20~

A remake of ER98 using the same handmade clay lentils but this time with fresh water pearls and sterling silver ear wires.

ER229 ~$8~

Bright red glass teardrop with wavy marquis hoops.  This pair is feminine and flirty :-)